Youneek Media Group can give you an SEO upgrade tailored for your website.

Analysis of your Technology Infrastructure

Our SEO Upgrade starts with the analysing of your Technology Infrastructure, that includes all facets of your website and hosting.

Once Youneek Media Group review and modify the following determining factors, all Search Engines rankings will increase and visitors will convert for your business.

The main factors which affect your website’s ranking and ultimately customer conversions are:

  • Valid clean code
  • High value link profile
  • Hosting / IP adress / URL
  • Location
  • Website loading speed
  • Sitemap structure (XML file)
  • robots.txt
  • Uptime vs. Downtime
  • Valid clean code
  • Analyse your website structure

How should I use Keywords?

The above video - 5 tips for choosing the right keywords in AdWords - was produced by Google AdWords and is embedded from Youtube.

Analysis of your Keywords

How much is a keyword worth to your website?

The usefulness of keyword analysis cannot be overstated. Keyword research can uncover change in customer demand, market influences, and produce a roadmap to the products, services, and content that web searchers are actively seeking.

Part of your SEO Upgrade will include analysing the keywords visitors type into search engines to buy your products.. However, our tools cannot show us directly how much value each search has for your business. To understand the value of a keyword, we need to understand your business’s website, do analysis and compile implementation strategies, test and repeat.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most direct way to account for your advertising dollar. Customers see your wares when they’re searching for them. You set a budget and only pay when a customer clicks to visits your site, or calls you directly. In other words, when your advertising is paying-off.  How much you budget for is up to you.  You can begin with a modest budget then adjust as you go according to monthly summaries identifying key data.

You could also include PPC as part of your SEO Upgrade where we target customers in particular regions with a set distance from your business.

Your website has priority when using Google AdWords.

Google Analytics and your business

Tracking is crucial.  We set up detailed event tracking with Google Analytics and match your SEO goals with your business objectives. We offer 100% transparency with detailed reports to keep you up to date.

All SEO Upgrades will include access to this data.  It shows your traffic for all the keyword campaigns of your site, and suggestions of keywords you aren’t using yet. You will know the most viewed pages and links and if visitors are being directing to the correct information. It will tell you how many new visitors you are getting and how many returning visitors are online.

We provide custom made Analysis Data reports for your business, which is interpreted and presented precisely so you are confident in knowing where and how we can improve your website.

The Importance of Analytics

The above video -Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Lesson 2.1 The importance of digital analytics- was produced by Google Analytics and is embedded from Youtube.

Your SEO upgrade will include analysis and optimisation all of the following important technology components:

Analysis of your Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure includes all facets of your website and hosting. Your infrastructure directly influences your  SEO and ultimately customer conversions. We ensure your website technology gives you the best possible outcomes with search engines and visitors alike.

Analysis of your Keywords

Keyword Analysis the most crucial component of SEO. Geting high ranks for the keywords you make your revenue from can impact the success of your website. By analysing  customer searches to uncover your market keywords, you can learn about your customers searching habits and target your SEO terms accordingly.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Youneek Media Group can analyse the amount of searchers that notice your advertisements, and how many click or call you. We can track how many sales your website is making through your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign.  We can adjust your ads, tweak the keywords or even halt or restart the campaign whenever you want.

Social Media Management

Your social media marketing is important. It is not only after sales service but is also unlimited opportunity for you to grow your business to your expectations. We can create, post-to and maintain your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more…) to optimise your visibility and backlink-ability.

Content Review and Design

Whether you are starting your on-line presence, up-dating your existing website, or re-starting with SEO focus – having a usable website is the number one rule in web design. We will ensuring your website is presented Cross-Platform in a way that Search Engines and your site visitors will enjoy and easily understand.

Clear and Precise Reports

Any recommended actions are documented in our reports and any alterations to your site has to be approved by you prior to the action taken.  If your approval is given, we then apply these changes within a specified time-frame.

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