Our Online Marketing strategies employ best practice techniques to promote your product or service.

Google AdWords
Bing! Ads
Yahoo! Advertising

Keyword Advertising Campaigns / Pay-Per-Click

Choosing the correct keywords will connect the customers looking for your wares to your ads your ads. You know your customers, you can select the most likely keywords that would be used by them to find you and your products on the web.

Let’s say your customers like to play video games, you would probably add keywords relating to computers or games consoles. Search engines would then find the most relevant sites including the keywords specified. That’s why keywords need to be relevant to groups of advertisements, targeting single ads just doesn’t work.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the go-to search engine online marketing campaign.  94% percent of customers using a search engine in 2015 used Google.  We can increase your rankings with organic searches, but Google Adwords will place your business on first page every time, on the most used search engine, everywhere.

Yahoo Advertising

Google revolutionised advertising with fully accountable advertising – Google Adwords. But, there is a less competitive and in being so, cheaper network: The Yahoo! Network. Having the Yahoo! Network as an alternative advertising avenue, you could get started and get results for less.

Bing! Ads

Bing should be a consideration sooner for small business.  Bing Ads do not have the amount of competition on it’s search engine as Google, an it can play to your business’s advantage.  There are many advantages to not having so much competition. Your advertisements can place better for less outlay, and in-turn less money per click. Bing could save you money while you are still targeting your customers.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Together, social media and search engine optimisation pack a powerful punch!

Over 79% of people online follow businesses on Facebook, and most businesses and companies throughout Australia have a Facebook page. Why? Availability. Social Media is a window into your business, it is a way to help your business become an authority in your industry.  Being online means more than having a website. You can engage with your customers with a two-way customer support and re-marketing source, social media.

At Youneek Media Group we know how important your Social Media platforms are.  They create unlimited potential for you to grow your business to achieve your business goals.  For your SEO Upgrade we can create, post-to and maintain your Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more…) to optimise your SEO and backlink-ability.

Start your Facebook marketing campaign today!
Twitter followers can increase your rankings
Google+ marketing compliments your Google ranking
All social media campaigns can increase visibility


We understand Facebook’s unique opportunities, and how it differs from other media.  We work with your clear goal and strategy to create a human voice for your business. We Post regularly, encourage comments and reply quickly, use pictures and videos and nurture your relationships and use clear reporting to learn more about your customers.


Youneek Media Group optimize your Twitter bio to make sure your company identity and voice are branded well.  Then we find out who the influencers and experts are in your target area(s) and implement strategies to interact with them on a regular basis involving regular tweeting and re-tweeting.

Google +

With a Google+ page, businesses can build a following and keep customers coming back with news updates, event announcements, and special offers and discounts. And just like a regular Google+ page, business Google+ pages let you keep contacts in the loop by sharing status updates, photos, videos and links.

Linked In

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to connect with other professionals. A business owner can, and should, connect with prospects, strategic partners, referral partners and other business owners. And once those connections are made, the business owner can decide how to nurture specific connections to grow the relationship.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business gives your website an identity on Google. It provides information about your business such as contact details, business address, hours of trade and business reviews. The information appears on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. You can put your details online even if you do not have a business location (or if you just don’t want it public).

We make sure all Youneek Media Group customers have Google My Business uploaded and activated. Then your company’s details can be available at any time such as trading hours, contact information, and more. Customers find your info right away, and can get in contact with you at any time. You can also share photos of your business, including inside, outside and products.

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