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We use Wordpress, php, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and other industry standard tools.

Website Design and Development

The evolving algorithms used by Google are called Panda and Penguin.  These algorithms are the reason why your website needs constant analysis and alteration.  Formats that work in the past do not do so well today, and tomorrow will be the same story. Being up-to-date with the intricacies of these technologies pays-off in the real world.

It’s also critical to check your site’s visitors behavior through data analytics. You will want to monitor several metric indicators to see what is actually happening with users on your website. You will first want to measure conversions.  Increased traffic is worth nothing if your visitors are not converting. If your visitors are not achieving your businesses goals, the site may need a redesign.

Google also measures the freshness of your content.  If the site has not been updated for a while, you will need to freshen it up a bit with some updated content to make it rank higher.

A website that gives a good user experience is rule number one of website design. If visitors are getting lost or cannot use your site, they are going to bounce (leave) before they convert. Time to redesign.

It seems like Website Design changes all the time. That’s because it does.

To rank highly on any search engine Youneek Media Services focuses on all of the following aspects of your Website Design:


In 2015 Google created an algorithm that penalised rankings for businesses who did not have a website that played nicely with mobile phones. So, the people who were using their phones to search for you weren’t able to find your website. With so many flatform out these days, with endless screen size differences, it’s even more important to be cross platform compatible.

High Bounce

High bounce rates usually mean your site has bad design, or is slow, or the visitor just can’t find what they’re looking for. Sometimes, even if they did find your page by accident, visitors would leave straight away because of the poor experience they had while on it. If content is king, design is surely his queen.

Slow Load

Speed is important with your website. Slow loads are a sure sign that your design needs to be optimised. It could just be a case of changing the technology hosting your site, or it could be the site itself is out of date.  Site speed matters to both search engines and site visitors. Visitors are more likely to bounce if a site takes ages to load and search engines will knock a few positions off your ranking for the same reason.

Clean Code

Search engines start at the beginning of a page and reads the code to the end. If the code is clean, the search engine will have no problem cataloging (indexing) your page in with the billions of others it has processed already. If it is not clean, the page might be lost on the index, or never even make it there, making it impossible to be searched for.

Link Profile

A link profile is an indicator to search engines how popular your web page is.  Good link profiles push your page up the order of rankings, bad ones make it go down. Back-links link TO your site. A good link profile doesn’t just contain any back-links, it has to have high Domain Authority (DA) and has to be relevant to your site.  Sounds complicated, but that’s why we’re here.

Hosting / IP address / URL

Where you host your website has an effect on the rank of your site. Your choice needs to consider more than just price alone. Site speed can be instantly improved if you are being hosted on a private (dedicated) server.  You could even move your website to a less busy location, there are endless configurations, you don’t have to stick with a lesser host.


If your search targets are in Australia, hosting your site in Australia should rank your website higher up. Furthermore, you ideally want your site to be available 99.9% of the time. This is not an unreachable goal, but you do need to do your research into the hosting companies that can offer this amount of up-time.

Sitemap (XML File)

With XML sitemaps at our disposal Youneek Media Group has the ability to tell search engines the pages of a website we want them to crawl and the hierarchy of site content importance and freshness.

robots.txt File

An XML sitemap tells search engines what pages to index. A robots.txt file is just the opposite- if there are pages not relevant to your site, or relate to the back-end workings of your site (e.g. WordPress), it tells the search engine what pages you DON’T want them to index.

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